Monday, June 2, 2014

Dealing With Dragons: June 2nd

  • Title: Dealing With Dragons
  • Author: Patricia Crede
  • AR Points: 8
  • Page I am on: Ch.2
  • Where I am toward my AR goal: current points/goal point

So far I really like this book, it's a fictional fantasy that has adaptions on fairytales. I like that the main character is not your typical "princess" & that she is definitely pushing the bar on what is expected of a princess. I think this book could be good for young students, either male or female, because it shows that gender roles do not define you: girls can do "boy-ish" things while boys can do "girl-ish" things. It shows that, yes, you may catch grief over doing something contrary to the norm but you will be more happy about it.

I love fiction that incorporates twists on the classics, especially fairy tales. I noticed a reference to Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) in the first chapter. They mention the main character, Cimorene's Great-Aunt Rose, who so happened to have spent "all those years asleep under that dreadful fairy's curse." Sound familiar? Our main character's is clearly the great-niece of Princess Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty. I find these things fascinating & look forward to noticing more of them as I continue to read!

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