Thursday, October 8, 2015

Blog Post #2 - Subject/Predicate

  • Title: Backlash
  • Author: Sarah Darer Littman
  • AR Points: 10 pts
  • Genre: Realistic Fiction/Cyber-bullying
  • Page I'm On: 122

**Warning: This book covers a controversial topic.** I cannot put this book down; it's so great & it's also incredibly relevant to middle school in 2015. After Lara is publicly humiliated on Facebook by Christian, a boy who she thought really liked her, things spiral out of control. Lara's former best friend makes things worse by posting embarrassing pictures of Lara to Facebook, where other "friends" post further putting Lara down. The thing that makes this book so chilling is that it's a fiction but it's extremely realistic. The extreme bullying that takes place in this book is not an exaggeration, this kind of stuff happens everyday on online and so many don't consider the real consequences. Some people never truly think about the effects that their "jokes" actually have on the person on the other end.

Love & Other Unknown Variables

  • Title: Love & Other Unknown Variables
  • Author: Shannon Lee Alexander
  • AR Points: 15 pts
  • Genre: Realistic Fiction
  • Page I'm On: done!

Interesting book with a great message. I will say that it took a little while for the action of the story to pick up but once it did, man was it hard to put down. This one will leave you crying at the end. This story follows Charlie, a genius with numbers who is on a sure-path to MIT until he meets Charlotte, an artistic beauty who Charlie cannot get out of his mind. The more Charlie tries to avoid Charlotte, the more drawn to her he is. As Charlie begins to let Charlotte in, he realizes things are not all as they seem. Charlotte is hiding something, and it's tearing Charlie apart.