Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Who Done It?

  • Title: Who Done It?
  • Author: Jon Scieszka
  • AR Points: 0
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Page I'm On: p.72
Oh, leave it to this great author to make another hilarious and spell-bounding book! Who Done It? is a spin on the classic murder mystery novel where you are given clues and have to figure out who the killer is by the end of the novel. The cool thing about this book? It is an anthology where various authors explain their case for why they are innocent. That's right, there are about 30 authors who provided a short writing piece for this book about a fictional murder. So far, I am about 10 authors in and honestly, I have  no idea who the killer is. They all seem either too innocent or too obvious to be the actual killer. I suspect that Jon Scieszka isn't even going to reveal who the true killer is in the end of this book, just so he can force us to figure it out on our own. I am not sure which I would prefer more, for him to simply tell us who the killer is or for me to figure it out!  

Sunday, January 24, 2016


  • Title: Cinder
  • Author: Marissa Meyer
  • AR Points: 14
  • Genre: Fantasy/Dystopian
  • Page I'm On: done
Alright, I just finished this one the other day and unfortunately cannot get the second in the series for a little while! :( Cinder is an extremely interesting book because it is a brand new fantasy/dystopian thriller that alludes constantly back to the original Cinderella story. Cinder is the best cyborg mechanic in the Earthen Commonwealth. She is forced to work and provide money for her horrible stepmother and two stepsisters. Cinder meets Prince Kai when he drops off a palace android for her to fix. Kai insists his need for her to fix this android is solely just sentimental but Cinder suspects there is a more important reason the prince brought her the android instead of just bringing it to the palace mechanics. Meanwhile, there is a plague that is ravaging Earth. When one of Cinder's stepsisters contracts it, her stepmother volunteers Cinder for the cure, knowing that no one ever returns from this. Can Cinder save the day and prevent her demise? Read this one, it's great!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Silver Shadows

  • Title: Silver Shadows
  • Author: Richelle Mead
  • AR Points: 17
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Page I'm On: done
This is another one from the Bloodlines series that I love. Silver Shadows is the fifth in the series. I read this thinking it was the final book, I got to the end and was so upset because I thought it was over. Thankfully, I immediately did some research online and realized there is one more book! Woohoo! So, Silver Shadows picks up immediately after the betrayal that happened at the end of book 4 (The Fiery Heart). I don't want to spoil to many things about this book so I will give just the bare bones! Sydney has been confined in a brainwashing facility following the betrayal of someone close to her. Sydney is tortured in the attempts of being brainwashed. The events in this book force Sydney to fully embrace the vampire and human magic that she, for so long, was trained to despise.  Will Sydney escape and be reunited with the people she loves? You have got to read the ENTIRE series to find out!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Fiery Heart

  • Title: The Fiery Heart
  • Author: Richelle Mead
  • AR Points: 18
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Page I'm On: done
This is another one from the Bloodlines series that I love. The Fiery Heart is the fourth in the series. In this book, Sydney finally embraces the two things she has been denying herself: her attraction to Adrian (the Moroi vampire) and her affinity for human magic. Sydney and Adrian keep their relationship a secret while also investigating further the Alchemists to catch them in a lie. Sydney finds a way to use her human magic to prevent the Alchemist compulsion that forces Alchemists to comply to their superiors will. All of this leads up to one major betrayal in the story that I never saw coming! It of course ends on a cliff hanger which immediately had me searching for the next book at the library!

Find Me

  • Title: Find Me
  • Author: Romily Bernard
  • AR Points: 9
  • Genre: Mystery/Suspense
  • Page I'm On: p.156
I finished this book a while ago but forgot to post about it. This book is interesting. Our main character, Wick, is a teenager  who was forced to become a hacker by her drug lord father. When the story picks up, Wick's father has been on the run for a while and Wick and her sister were put into foster care. In the middle of the night, Wick finds a box from a former best friend who recently killed herself. Inside the box is a diary and the note "find me". What ensues is a race against time for Wick to figure out what led her former friend to kill herself before it causes someone else close to Wick's to follow in her footsteps.