Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Feast for Crows - June 1st

  • Title: A Feast for Crows
  • Author: George R.R. Martin
  • AR Points: 45 (oh my!)
  • Page I am on: p.459
  • Where I am toward my AR goal: current points/goal point

This book is the fourth book in the A Song of Ice & Fire book series, which is the book version of the very-popular TV series Game of Thrones. This book has the reputation for being the worst in the series so far --there are currently 5 books in the series and the author plans on having 7 in total -- and I am on the fence on whether I agree with this or not! I can see possibly why a lot of people dislike the book but I still find it interesting enough to constantly want to keep reading it. One thing I think that is different about this book then the rest in the series so far is that the characters that we have the perspective from this time around are not as important in the series. They are minor characters and a lot of the stuff that happens to them in their chapters are not as dramatic or crazy, so I can understand people's "beef" with this novel. At the same time, I know how intensely interwoven the plot is throughout the series and I know, without a doubt, that literally everything that happens in the book is important to the main story-line. Yes, they are more minor things but they are the things that lead up to everything else! So while I don't agree that this book is horrible, I  agree that it may be the least interesting because it focuses on the smaller details so that once we get to the more important things, they will be that much more intense! Regardless, I love this book series and definitely await the next time I get to read it!

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