Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Ruby Circle (book 6 of The Bloodlines)

  • Title: The Ruby Circle
  • Author: Richelle Mead
  • AR Points: 
  • Genre: fantasy/vampires
  • Page I'm On: done
I was so sad to see this book end because it's the last in the series. I really hope she makes another side series! :( In the Ruby Circle Sydney & Adrian's marriage is taking a toll because others are very unaccepting of their relationship. In addition, at the end of the last book, they had just found out Jill, the sole heir to the Moroi throne had gone missing. In this final book, Sydney & Adrian race to find & save Jill before the Moroi people realize that she is gone, which would give them plenty of reasons to dethrone Lissa.

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