Tuesday, August 19, 2014

13 Reasons Why: July 5th

  • Title: 13 Reasons Why
  • Author: Jay Asher
  • AR Points: 9
  • Page I am on: 125
  • Where I am toward my AR goal: current points/goal point

**Warning: This book covers a controversial topic.**This book has surprised me with how dramatically emotional it is; it really pulls at the heart strings. Clay, the main character, is normally going about his day in high school, trying to recover from a former crush's suicide when a haunting package arrives from that same girl. You can imagine his surprise and horror, what he must have felt like opening a package from a dead girl. In the box are 13 cassette tapes with 13 different stories connected to driving this girl to commit suicide. The book follows this poor guy, being entirely horrified by having to listen to their chilling tapes, reliving her death over and over. The book is phenomenal but definitely one that will cause an emotional response.

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