Friday, November 7, 2014

The Shadow Club: Nov. 7th

  • Title: The Shadow Club
  • Author: Neal Shusterman
  • Genre: still unsure if it's realistic fiction or fantasy!
  • AR Points: 7
  • Page I am on: p.148
  • Where I am to my AR goal: 16/50

I am loving this book. I have yet to come across a Neal Shusterman book that wasn't incredibly interesting! The club members began to work together to play harmless tricks on the "unbeatables" and they grow closer together. Things begin to spiral out of control shortly after a Tyson Mcgaw eavesdrops on one of their secret meetings. Tricks on the "unbeatables" continue but two things change: they are no longer "harmless" & all club members swear none of them did these horrible, nasty tricks. They begin to suspect it is Tyson but this is, again, where the story is getting incredibily great! Tyson claims he didn't do it & I belive him, I suspect there is something supernatural going on. The reason I think this: there is a supernatural vibe I am getting from some of the earlier events in the book. For instance: Cheryl asking Jared "if you could make it so that Austin had never been born. would you?" I cannot wait to get home tonight & read more of this exciting book!

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