Monday, October 6, 2014

The Book Thief : September 19th

  • Title: The Book Thief
  • Author: Markus Zusak
  • Genre: Historical Fiction
  • AR Points: 18
  • Page I am on: 105
  • Where I am toward my AR goal: 29/goal point

Glad to say that I was correct about this one; I am rather enjoying it! This is going to be one of those books that takes a while to get through. The book opens in a very different way then most do. The narrator of the book is Death, or the Grim Reaper. He is describing the story of our main character, Liesel Meminger, and how integral death was in her life when she was a child. We meet Liesel as she is being transferred from her mother to her new foster parents. If I had to make a prediction of why she was sent off it would have to do with the "communist" fact that comes up often in the book. She is too young at the beginning of the book to understand what that means when she hears everyone call her father it. I suspect that something has happened to both her parents in relation to being labeled a "communist" in Nazi Germany. I look forward to reading further to find out!

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