Friday, September 19, 2014

In a Glass Grimmly: Sept. 19th

  • Title: In a Glass Grimmly
  • Author: Adam Gidwitz
  • Genre: Fairy Tales/Fantasy
  • AR Points: 8
  • Page I am on: starting ch.5
  • Where I am toward my AR goal: 29/50

I picked this book based off the cover & the title, predicting it was going to be another parody on common fairy tales. I based my prediction on my prior knowledge of who the Grimm brothers were (famous Germans who recorded stories that became fairy tales, such as Snow White, Cinderella, etc.) and the cover with a boy climbing a beanstalk & some black birds near the top. Using this information, I figured I would probably love it since I love adaptions on fairy tales!

Now that I am in Chapter 5, I am glad that I found this book. It is a great pick that I would recommend! The author is very comical; he puts a great spin on these widely known fairy tales. It is a little gruesome and, at times, almost kind of gross, because this author's adaptions are more closely to the original fairy tales, not the happy endings that Disney does. If you are interested in the original stories for (Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White), I suggest this book or even reading the original stories. (Keep in mind they are more gruesome than you would expect for "fairy" tales. I have a book with the original stories if anyone wants to read!

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